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Proper administration of systems and databases to ensure optimal performance is a real "B word". Burden - you were thinking burden, right?

If there was a technology that allowed you to automate performance and tuning chores, like removing duplicates and adding high-impact indexes to database instances, spinning-up and tearing-down development instances with ease, and scheduling and testing changes to global parameters against real-world workloads during low-usage periods, you'd use it, right? And if it was also able to automatically implement the changes that enhanced speed and performance across your live database instances, even better.

MAS technology can do exactly that, and more, for your environment, and it can do it without forcing you to purchase additional tools, technologies, and subject matter experts.


MAS Use Cases

Information as Code (IaC)

Manage, provision, and execute IT-enabled processes with machine-readable code instead of manual processes.

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DevOps & Automation

Provision, configure, deploy and manage systems without the setback of time-consuming manual operations.

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Tool Consolidation

Rid yourself of single-purpose tools and eliminate the inefficiency of task switching with a solution that contains the database migration and management tools you need.

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Resource Extensibility

Enhance the skills and ability of your current IT team without downtime, additional resources, or extensive training.

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Security & Risk Mitigation

Eliminate the risks of improper access, misuse, human error, configuration drift, zero standardization, and dependency on legacy processes.

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Cost Reduction

Lower your IT operational expenses by decreasing project timelines, increasing user capabilities, minimizing the need for dedicated technology expertise, and consolidating single-purpose tools.

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Hybrid Database Management

Enjoy all the benefits of cloud-based databases whether you're in the cloud, on-prem, or in between.

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Accountability & Productivity

Enhance efficiency with a tool that allows you to schedule, search, filter, track, and review processes – whether failed or successful – in a matter of moments.

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Performance & Tuning

Ensure your IT environment is optimized and running at its full potential at all times. No server sprawl. No database drift. Just smooth sailing.

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Database Updates, Replications, Rollbacks & Backups

Manage, tune, migrate, and upgrade systems from a single technology.

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