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Oracle licensing is messy. It can overwhelm the most seasoned buyers, asset managers and technicians, and cause whole companies to collapse under the weight of inadvertent non-compliant licensing fees. In fact, an Ernst and Young survey, Software Compliance Without Tears - Monitoring Customers' Software Usage In a Complex World, show that 64% of customers are focused on audit risk mitigation, with cost savings as their second priority.

Luckily, Vendita can help you achieve both objectives. Vendita’s License Management Services (LMS) practice provides a comprehensive package of technical, license, contract, and support subject matter expertise for the entire Oracle product portfolio. With decades of experience, Vendita’s LMS team has defined the best practices required to properly utilize, procure, and maintain Oracle products.

Working from behind the scenes or directly with customers, Vendita’s LMS team operates with a goal to crystalize the unavoidable ambiguity you face with Oracle licensing, processes, and contracts.
As an Oracle Platinum Partner (link to partner page), Vendita can sell across product silos and industries – becoming your single source for all things Oracle, no matter the customer or product. Unlike working directly with Oracle or other, highly segmented vendors, Vendita specializes in the entire Oracle portfolio, giving our clients the ability to interact with a single individual regardless of the Oracle product(s) required and the customer for which the products will be utilized.

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