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Transform Your IT Automation Experience


Transform Your IT Automation Experience

Increase strategic business value and enable the adoption of tomorrow's technology trends.

Vendita's mission is to empower organizations by transforming the IT experience through Oracle licensing and cross-platform database automation expertise. It is our goal to ease the management of our clients' Oracle environments, and provide the only database management solution that harnesses automation technology under a single plane of glass, improving productivity today, and preparing organization's for tomorrow's technology advancements.


The MAS Experience

Automation, Enhanced

Run scripts and processes, migrate and manage data, and apply system-wide changes.

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Management, Simplified

Provision servers. Configure and deploy databases. Monitor, tune, diagnose, backup and secure systems - all from a single technology.

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Adoption, Accelerated

Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and more. Adopt platforms and integrate tools with ease.

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Standardization, Achieved

Shared Expertise. Group Collaboration. Process Documentation. Institutionalized Best Practices.

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Automation for Any Environment

Adopt a single, agentless solution to enable the creation, migration and management of cloud, on-premises and hybrid IT environments while capturing the ability to automate day-to-day tasks, improve system performance, and extend the capabilities of existing resources.

Join the MAS Movement and do more with MAS.

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MAS In Your Organization


Bring your existing database management under a single pane of glass to lower cost and effort.


Reduce effort to accomplish database administration tasks by 40%.


Allow your IT team to focus on bigger impact, higher-value tasks and projects.

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Game-Changing Automation



Maintain governance through

standardized process and task


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Allow technology-specific

resources to execute tasks on

various platforms

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Accelerate new

technology adoption

and expand the skills

of your existing



Extend accountability through

simple management and job


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Accelerate job

completion through

parallel process execution

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Manage cloud and on-

premises environments

with a single tool

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